Oatmeal Extra Stout (Nitro) 5.6% abv

Robust cocoa and espresso flavors and aromas with a full-bodied creamy mouthfeel.  A decadent winter sipper or end of meal delight.

Old Sycamore Blonde 5.2% abv

A light, refreshing, clean and crispy ale.  Easy fruitiness, biscuit, subtle hop aroma for the unadventurous ‘lite beer’ fix.

Grapefruit Radler 5.1% abv

This tart sparkling citrus elixir will quench the parched and tingle your tastebuds. “I really just wanted a soda”

Hibiscus Ale 4.6% abv

Ruby Red light beer with a slightly tart and fruity flavor made with fresh brewed hibiscus flower.

7 Journey IPA 7.0% abv

A West Coast style IPA with the tropical and tangerine flavors of Idaho 7 hops.

Webb’s Coast IPA 7.0% abv

Meduim bitter West Coast Style IPA with a boost of Citra and Mosaic hop flavor and aroma.  Floral, citrusy, and piney

NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME -Graylight Hazy IPA 7.0% abv

jUiCy, citrusy, full-bodied New England Style IPA.  A ripe fruity hop burst that’s meant to be drank heartily.

Nauti Seltzer 5.0% abv

Orange & Prickly Pear Spritzy made with Nauti Vodka 

Hefeweizen 5.3% abv

Wheat beer made with German malts, oats, and sweet orange peel.  Banana and clove-like notes.

NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME - Toastie Coconut Cream Ale 5.0% abv

A highly quaffable light ale conditioned on toasted coconut with notes of honey and cream soda.

Webb’s Super Crisp (Light Lager) 4.4% abv

Pilsner and wheat malts with German and Czech hops.

Irish-Style Red Ale 6.0% abv

Caramel and Dark malts made with a fruity English ale yeast for a delicately malty treat with low bitterness.

Pumpkin Pub Ale 5.6% abv

Pumpkin Pie flavored English Ale with a copper body that’s spiced for the holidays.